Friday, May 23, 2014

Java SE 8 new features

Just collecting various resources containing updates for java 8. It is a major overhaul and I am so excited with all the new features those are coming especially lambdas, streams and default methods. They will help write so much better and concise code.

Here is a list from Adam L Davis's book referenced below..

- Lambda expressions and Method references

- Default Methods (Defender methods) in interfaces
With this it may seem that Abstract classes are unnecessary, but note that default methods are introduced for interface evolution and Interfaces are still more restricted than Abstract classes due to following.
-- Abstract classes can define constructors while Interfaces can't.
-- Fields inside Interface are always considered public and final, so Interfaces can't have a mutable state.

- Static methods in interfaces

- A new Stream API.

- Optional

- A new Date/Time API.

- Nashorn, the new JavaScript engine

- Removal of the Permanent Generation


What's New in Java 8 by Adam L Davis

Oracle's what's new in Java 8 page

Java 8 Docs