Saturday, September 26, 2009

anonymous class in scala

Scala also supports java style syntax of defining anonymous classes. Take a look at this code snippet from Actor companion object definition in Actor.scala from scala actors library.
  /* Notice the argument of actor method, its a
* no-arg(not empty arg list)
* function that returns Unit */
def actor(body: => Unit): Actor = {
/* Here java style syntax of anonymous classes is being used.
* we're creating an instance not of Actor class but a anonymous
* subclass that is implementing a method act() which is declared
* in trait Reactor(also its evident that its not mandatory to use
* keyword override when implementing something from the trait)
* and overriding scheduler. */
val a = new Actor {
def act() = body
override final val scheduler: IScheduler = parentScheduler
/* also see that actor is started right here. */

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