Sunday, April 18, 2010

globalizing a web app

I'm involved in globalizing a web-app, which was not designed keeping g11n in mind. This material might be trivial but I'm noting down here things that are coming up(so that its quicker/easier the next time).

We realise, we need to store 4 user preferences(at least) to make decisions on what to do/show


We're putting following things in, stuff is chosen based on logged in user's preferences.

For Client Side:
Resource Bundles per country-locale
CSS per country-locale
Display Images per country-locale
Client Side validations per country-locale

For Server Side:
App properties per country-locale
A Validation framework where we can write different validation rules for different country-locale pair
Each date is stored as long + timezone string
Oracle DB instance needs to support UTF-8 encoding and VARCHAR2 with char semantics

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