Friday, October 8, 2010

troubleshooting wireless card with Fedora-13

Last week, I bought a new shiny lenovo Z560-59045422 laptop. It has windows-7 home basic pre-installed with 4 partitions. As usual, I set on to installing fedora(latest one available right now is Fedora-13). I shrinked the C: drive and deleted D: drive so as to have most of space available to Fedora. Then I installed Fedora-13 on it using the dvd ISO image.

I rebooted the machine, and everything worked fine except that Network Manager did not show anything like "Wireless Networks". That is, I could not get connected to my wifi network, however wired ethernet was working fine. It took very small time, with some googling, to figure out that fedora iso probably did not have drivers for the wireless card.

With some more googling, I landed on Getting Started with Wireless - Fedora Unity Project and determined, using /sbin/lspci, that my laptop has "Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)" wireless card. And then I landed on Broadcom Linux STA Driver - Fedora Unity Project. As mentioned on the previous link, I did following things...
  • Added RPMFusion repository (both the free and non-free, it is essential to have non-free because only it has what we need, the broadcom-wl)
  • Updated the system, "yum update"
  • Installed broadcom-wl package, "yum install broadcom-wl"
  • rebooted the system
Its working like a charm now, I'm so happy :)

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