Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wrapup - Introduction to probability

On Sep 05' 10 I wrote a plan to work through Introduction to Probability and to finish all the assignments given in probability course in MIT.

Today I'm glad to announce that it is finally finished and all the notes and solutions can be found in these posts.

The reason I studied it is that probability comes up as a basic requirement when you follow any math oriented text on things like Randomized Algorithms, AI, NLP, Machine Learning etc. So, I wanted to get enough grounding in probability basics and this book, as the title suggests, does exactly that. Another plus point is that, its used in the above mentioned MIT course so you have well defined assignments for practice and book also has a lot of exercises with solutions.

And, Thanks(again!) to Ravi for lending the book.

Note: If you need solutions to assignments, they are also available on MIT site. I did them mostly to force myself into doing those problems to make sure I'm not doing the passive reading of the book and it helps you think what you read and in really "getting it". Many times, I could not come up with the solution and I did peek in official solutions :).

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