Thursday, April 7, 2011

konsole for windows

I am a person who loves to use linux for the bash shell, very very useful command line utilities and a myriad of other useful open source softwares(just one yum install .. away). But, for various constraints, my laptop at work has to have windows. First thing I do to fill the gap is to install cygwin, add it's bin/ folder to the PATH variable and install windows version of all the other open source softwares that I regularly use on linux.

This gets me very close except the cygwin terminal ui feel/experience is nowhere close to kde konsole. Also I have missed the multiple tabs feature of konsole for a long time. I never found a direct alternative of konsole in windows. Though there is one project, kde for windows, in progress which should bring the kde konsole port to windows.

But you don't have to wait any longer to get a konsole-like experience on windows. You should install console that has many konsole like features along with multiple tabs. Once you have installed it, open it and in the menu, go to Edit -> Settings. This opens the console settings window. Then give the path to bash exe from your cygwin installation. Also, click on Hotkeys settings link in the left column and change various key bindings to your liking to get an experience as close to konsole as you like.

Here is how the settings window looks like...

And, finally, here is my konsole for windows...

[Update: April 15'11] If you want to bind "clear" to clear the screen instead of using Ctrl-l for same then you need to create \$HOME/.inputrc file and save following on it.
"clear\r": '\C-l'

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