Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Discrete Maths, Lecture#1

I'm following a course on discrete mathematics available here. This course was taught at arsdigita university by Shai Simonson who is a professor in computer science department at stonehill college.

I thought a little bit through and decided, to best learn from the available video lectures I should use them like the classroom lecture and take notes. I'm going to write blog post with every lecture I watch and post my notes also.

Lecture#1, Introduction

In this lecture, Shai introduces the course as being a course on all the various techniques of "counting". He gives examples of some counting problems such as in how many ways can we chose two students from a class of n students, how many pins are there in a n-lane bowling alley etc. In discrete maths, it is very important to do proofs, so the lecture starts with discussing the basic proof techniques, proof by contradiction and proof by induction. He gives examples for both the techniques. Next part of the lecture introduces basic logic and boolean algebra.

Here are the notes that I took...

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