Sunday, September 5, 2010

@devcamp - 2010

This is the first devcamp I attended. Once I got to thoughtworks, I was promptly attended, felt welcomed and shown the hall where the action was about to begin. It was a big hall filled with many (supposedly)geeky people with laptops. There was a board in the front, mentioning 3 tracks, to be run in parallel, with stickies mentioning the topics to be presented.

All the presenters came to introduce themselves and to introduce their sessions. On another board some topics were listed for QnA and I found it interesting that people were voluntarily chosen from the audience to answer the questions for various topics.

And then, the sessions began... and throughout the day, things went on and on and on. Among many good things, there were some things I especially noted...

- Audience were demanding and asking questions, looking for the explanations.
- Presenters had running code to show.
- A very informal environment was created due to lack of space in the rooms, no one had any problems sitting on the floor.

And, did I say I got a devcamp tshirt also :).

All in all, It was a good experience. Thanks to all the people who were behind the event, it ran pretty smooth.

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